About Us

About the Founder and CEO

This is the story of what motivated the establishment of Effortless Logistics.

My name is Nangula Tjiriange, I am Namibian and a proud sister of the Land of the Brave. I love being African and look up to our beautiful African cultures and heritage. It has always been my dream to explore the African continent and to meet different African people in order to learn and experience their cultures as well as way of life. Effortless Travels is created to enable other people who like me also want to discover Africa and experience different African adventures.

Effortless Parcel Deliveries on the other hand emerged because from a young age my mother would always bring me gifts whenever she travelled abroad. This allowed me access to items that were not always easily available in Namibia at the time, or that would take months before they could be purchased in the country. During the past years, I travelled to different countries, and I noticed that every time I travelled, I would receive numerous requests from friends and family to bring items back to them on my return to Namibia. These experiences sparked the realization that the marketplace extended beyond my country’s borders and with access one could have the freedom to purchase items from practically almost anywhere in the world.

While living in Namibia, I would order items online. However, I found that the shipping costs to ship directly from the online stores to Namibia were at times even more expensive than the items I purchased. I also found that not all online stores shipped to Namibia, which in turn resulted in me being burdened with trying to find alternative ways to arrange to have my orders shipped to my country. This gave birth to the idea of creating a business that would enable all people in Namibia the opportunity to easily receive their international orders.

Logistics Manager

My name is Unomuinjo Tjiriange, a seasoned Virtual Personal Assistant from Namibia.

My interest in customer service delivery was triggered by the time I spent running errands and planning business and social events. I have vast experience in handling different requests from customers that ensures that they save a lot of time, which translates to saving money.

The foundation of the idea was based on high standard customer service delivery – with the sole purpose of easing the process of receiving your international orders, as well as assisting clients to travel to Africa